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Why Choose Mesa Verde High School?

A Small School With All the Same Opportunities

Mesa Verde is a smaller high school, providing a broad range of educational opportunities, with a number of classes unique to our school.  We provide equal opportunity for all students, so they have access to rigorous course work that includes 7 Advanced Placement (AP) classes and honors-level coursework. Mesa Verde is the home of an award winning fine arts program that includes Drawing & Painting, Ceramics, Mixed Media,  Professional Theatre, Band, and Choir.   Through the arts, we provide every student with an opportunity to express their creative talents.  Along with our core academic coursework, we are also the proud home of our well-known California Partnership Academy in Business, our AVID program, and our Public Safety Academy.  These programs prepare students for life after high school by ensuring students complete rigorous coursework while also developing their academic and professional goals.  A wide variety of clubs, student activity programs, and competitive sports programs all contribute to providing students with an array of choices with which to be involved and explore their interests. Our school is big enough to serve the interests of groups, yet is small enough to ensure that each student is seen as an individual.

Strong Community Ties

Parents actively participate on the School Site Council, providing input on school programs and campus funding through the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). In conjunction with our community partners, our Counseling Department, School Psychologist, and School/Community Intervention Assistant have developed systems that provide the necessary support for student academic's, safety, and social/emotional needs.  The school PTSA provides important input to the school from students, parents, guardians, community members, and the school staff.

A partnership between the Citrus Heights Police Department and the District Safe School Division provides immediate access to school safety personnel.

The Business Academy program, designed to give students exposure to the world of small business management, works with local businesses and many Citrus Heights community organizations to provide real-world experience and mentoring for the students in the program.  In addition, the Business Academy's partnership with SAFE Credit Union has allowed Mesa Verde to have a fully functioning Safe Credit Union branch on our campus, complete with a cash-dispensing machine in the main office.

The Public Safety Academy works in cooperation with the Citrus Heights Police to provide opportunities for students to understand working in law enforcement, as patrol officers, detectives, and supporting areas like dispatch, desk support, crime scene analysis, and the District Attorney's office.  Students also can explore other law-related branches, like the California Highway Patrol, State Police, Private Investigation Services, and Military Police.

The Independent Living Skills (ILS) program partners with Weyerhaeuser Paper Company to provide recycling services for paper, cardboard, and CA redemption bottles and cans. Students in the Community Service Program and the science department Environmental Club provide opportunities for students to help in the community and to help with local environmental improvements.

Numerous Paths to Student Success

Link Crew - gives freshman, from registration before the school year starts to the end of the school year, a support network that guides and mentors them through transition to high school.

Seven AP and honors level classes - provide students with a broad range of opportunities for preparation for college.  If sufficient numbers of students sign up, any of an additional seven AP classes is available.

AVID program - an application process is necessary and students are accepted into the program that has limited space.  With AVID, students develop the necessary personal and academic skills to prepare them for the transition to a four-year college program after high school. This program typically serves students through their entire 4-year journey through high school and provides them with additional support and a constant push to accomplish their academic and personal goals.  

Regional Occupation Program (ROP) - Juniors and Seniors have an opportunity to explore, and receive credit for, a vast array of countywide programs that give a real world look at numerous job fields. Most ROP classes are taken off campus at other SJUSD schools.  

Career and Technical Education (CTE) - Mesa Verde is a proud provider of three CTE programs.  In the Performing Arts (Theater), a student can take a 3-course journey within the profession of Theater.  Students are challenged each day to practice, create, and explore the world of Theater.  And this program puts students on a pathway towards obtaining a professional certificate in the Performing Arts Field.  Another course is the Public Safety Course, where students looking towards a career in Law Enforcement, Private Security and Investigation, Military Police, or Investigative Services can receive a solid overview and introduction in these fields.  The Business Academy program introduces students to a potential career in small business entrepreneurship, by working in internships in the business, hospitality, service, and trade industries, and obtaining certifications needed to work within the restaurant and food industries. 

Spend Some Time With Us

If you are interested in learning more about Mesa Verde High School or would like to visit our campus, please contact our Counseling Secretary, Amanda Adams, at or by phone at 971-5262.    

Go Mavericks!