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School Logo, Crest, Alma Mater and School Fight Song

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Mesa Verde Alma Mater

School Crest  

School Crest


Meaning of the Crest Symbols 

Shield: Defending the school both academically and athletically/activities. 

Hourglass: The hourglass represents the passing of time.  It is a symbol to remind students to make the most of their time and to seize the hour and the opportunities afforded them by their school. 

Column: The Greek column depicts character. These strong columns were used to support large and heavy roofs and they were beautiful in their design. The column represents the strength of young adulthood and fine character.

Lamp: The lamp is knowledge and truth. This symbol, while old, is probably the best known and most accepted symbol of enlightenment.

Torch: The hands and torch denotes the passing of knowledge from the teacher to the student who accepts the knowledge to their betterment.

School Alma Mater  

All Hail To Mesa Verde

We Sing Our Praise To Thee

We Strive For Highest Honor

In Defeat Or Victory

We Fight To Bring You Glory

We Work To Keep You Free

With Faithfulness And Loyalty

We Pledge Our Hearts To Thee

School Fight Song  

Click Here to Hear the
Mesa Verde High School Fight Song