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Registrar - Student Records

Mesa Verde High School, 7501 Carriage Drive, Citrus Heights, CA  95621 – Go Mavericks!

Registrar Office Information

Paula Spedden (

Phone: (916) 971-5256                  Fax: (916) 971-5370

The Registrar’s Office is here to help you!  The school Registrar handles the following Issues:

·       Student Permanent Records

·       Student Cumulative Files

·       Transfer of Records between Schools

·       Forwarding information related to student school debts and unreturned materials

·       Processing Progress and Final Grades for current students

·       Distributing and Mailing Grade Reports/Transcripts for current students

·       Mailing of transcripts to colleges and universities

·       Transcript requests for former students

·       Graduation Verifications

·       Duplicate Diploma Requests

·       Proof of Enrollment Letters

·       Social Security Forms

·       Former Student Cal Grant GPA Verifications

·       Secure Storage of past-years physical records, and proper destruction after storage for the required
        number of years.      Cumulative files are kept 5 years from the year of graduation.


2023-2024 Mesa Verde HS Grading Schedule [Simple] (PDF file)

08/10/23 First Day of School 

09/08/23 End of Quarter Term 1 Progress (TP1) 

09/15/23 Grades Viewable 

10/13/23 End of Term Term 1 (T1) 

10/20/23 Grades Viewable 

11/17/23 End of Quarter Term 2 Progress (TP2) 

12/01/23 Grades Viewable 

01/08/24 End of Term Term 2 (T2) 

01/16/24 Grades Viewable 

02/09/24 End of Quarter Term 3 Progress (TP3) 

02/16/24 Grades Viewable 

03/22/24 End of Term Term 3 (T3) 

04/05/24 Grades Viewable 

04/26/24 End of Quarter Term 4 Progress (TP4) 

05/03/24 Grades Viewable 

06/04/24 End of Term 4 (T4) 

06/13/24 Grades Viewable 


2023-2024 Mesa Verde HS Grading Schedule [Detailed] (PDF file)

Special Education Documents
Current Mesa Verde HS students/families should speak to your case manager.  Graduates or former students can contact the San Juan Unified School District Special Education Office at 916-971-7525.

Student Enrollment
To enroll your student at Mesa Verde HS, please contact the San Juan Central office at 916-971-5826.

MVHS School Code:  050587