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Career Matching & Self-Discovery

Find Your Ideal Career Options

Finding a career that fits your strengths, personality, and interests is difficult because there is so many options - yet we are often unaware of what those options are. Additionally, 85% of the jobs that will exisit in 2030 haven't been invented yet.

At good place to start your journey is to discover more about who you are. As a Mesa Verde student, you have access to a few tools from Naviance that will not only help you discover more about who you are, but which careers best fit your unique characteristics.

Your School Counselor highly recommends the tools below as great start. Once you complete the surveys, we can help you make sense of the results and help you along your path of getting ready for life after graduation. 

Accessing Naviance 

After logging into your student portal, you can access the student Naviance site through the Google menu in the top right

Career Interest Profiler 

The Career Interest Profiler asks you 60 questions about your current interests. It takes about 15-minutes. Based on your answers, your personality traits for the Holland Code (see below) will be ranked. Using your highest rated traits, you will be able to find careers from various fields in which people with your similar personality traits find success and fulfillment. 

AchieveWorks Personality (Myers-Briggs)

The AchieveWorks Personality asks you about 30 questions related to specific scenarios. It takes about 15-minutes to complete. Using your answers, you will find out your Myers-Briggs personality made up of four traits [Introversion vs. Extroversion; Sensing vs. Intuition; Thinking vs. Feeling; Judging vs. Perceiving].

Depending on which of the 16 personality types (see below) you most identify with, you will be able to find careers from various fields that people with a similar personality are most suited for.


The StrengthsExplorer asks you 70-questions regarding specific situations. It takes about 15-minutes to complete. When you finish, you will find out your top 3 personal strengths from the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment (if you want to find out where you fit with complete list of 34 strengths (see below), you would need to complete the assessment through Gallup, which runs about $70 - this one is completely free].

Based on current strengths, the unique traits you have developed throughout your life, you can discover a wide range of careers which you already have the talent for. 


Last Modified on August 30, 2021