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School Clubs

School Clubs for 2023-2024

AVID Club (Achievement Via Individual Determination)
Advisor: Leslie Peoples [Mathematics & AVID Teacher]   Room: A-9
Meeting Day & Time:  During classroom hours within the AVID classes.
Purpose:  To support the activities of the AVID program.  To promote the AVID program to incoming students and to coordinate with colleges and universities the presentations of their recruiters.


Brown Issues (Hispanic Matters Focus)
Advisor: Dr. Ana Segoviano [World Language Teacher]   Room: D28
Meeting Day & Time
Purpose: Brown Issues is a state-wide organization dedicated to cultivating the next generation of Brown Leaders through civic engagement, healing, and narrative change. We Will #WakeTheGiant


BSU (Black Student Union)
Advisor:  Andrea Leuschen [Vice Principal] & Derek Belton [School & Community Intervention Assistant]
E-Mail:   & 
Meeting Day & Time:  Mondays at the Lunch Break Every Other Week
Purpose:  The Mesa Verde Black Student Union is an opportunity for students to find self-awareness, leadership skills, and connectedness. We also have guest speakers from the community to share entrepreneurial skills, leadership opportunities, and other culturally relevant connections.  The student will also attend virtual meetings with the Black Students of California United (BSCU).


Chess Club
Advisor: Raji Scroggin [VAPA Art Teacher]   Room: A-11
Meeting Day & Time: Every day during the lunch break
Purpose:  We are currently living in a chess boom; the number of online chess players has increased nearly 200% in the last two years! Whether you watched The Queen’s Gambit or simply picked up the game during the pandemic, you are welcome to stop by, challenge fellow peers and learn chess strategy from Mr. Raji!


Christian Club
Advisor: Marina Yeremuk [Mathematics Teacher]   Room:  A-23
Meeting Day & Time: Thursdays at the lunch break
Purpose:  To provide fellowship and spiritual support for Christians on campus, as well as reaching out to share the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to anyone who may be interested. 


D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) Club
Advisor: Tram-Anh Nguyen [School Psychologist]   Room: A-
Meeting Day & Time:  First and Third Wednesdays at lunch
Purpose: Play D&D Sessions.  Newcomers welcome - we will teach you.


Drama Club
Advisor: Sean Melby [Drama Teacher]   Room: PAC Warehouse Office (Behind the stage area)
Meeting Day & Time: Every Tuesday at lunch
Purpose: To support Mesa Verde's Theatre department and productions through volunteering, fundraising, and encouraging students to audition for our shows.


Environmental Club
Advisor: Chris Cimino [Science Teacher]   Room: D-4
Meeting Day & Time: Every other Thursday during lunch
Purpose: To bring awareness about environmental issues and to better our school and community through projects.  Future projects> organize a recycling system, cleanup, composting system, beautify our campus, water dispense project
Benefits: Honor chords; Community service hours
Social Media: Follow us on Instagram @ environmental_mvhs.


Equity Club
Advisor: Andrea Leuschen [Vice Principal) & David Del Grande [Teacher]  Room: D-12
Contact: Email: & David.DelGrande@sanjuan.
Meeting Day & Time: Every other Tuesdays at lunch in room D12.
Purpose: The Equity Club is a student led group that promotes community through equity. We serve as a safe place for all students to connect and discuss issues within our school campus. The objective is to create a more equitable environment for all students.


Rainbow Alliance
Advisors: Elizabeth Hernandez [Counselor] & Grachelle To [Counselor]   &
Meeting Day & Time: 1st meeting February 15 @ lunch, Room A-27
Purpose: To unite LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them at Mesa Verde and the surrounding community. 


Jazz Club
Advisor: Peter Mancina [VAPA - Band Teacher]  Room: A-2
Meeting Day & Time: MTsW 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Purpose: To learn about and perform Jazz music. Emphasis on improvisational skills.


Key Club (Kiwanis Key Club International)
Advisor: Leslie Peoples [Mathematics & AVID Teacher]   Room: A-9
Meeting Place & Time:
Purpose:  The high school program for the Kiwanis International organization, a global group of adults dedicated to improving the lives of individual children and their communities.


Link Crew
Advisor: William Harrington [Health Teacher]   Room: C-2
Meeting Day & Time: Varied - announced in the bulletin and on posted flyers.
Purpose:  The Link Crew connects high achieving Juniors and Seniors with incoming Freshmen to help them adjust to high school life.  The Link Crew puts on events; including Freshmen Orientation, Study Sessions, and the Freshmen BBQ, to name a few.


Music Club
Advisor: Peter Mancina [VAPA - Band Teacher]   Room: A-3
Meeting Day & Time:  Wednesdays at the Lunch Break
Purpose:  To meet and discuss improvements to the Mesa Verde Music Program. We plan concerts, fundraisers, and curriculum with student input.


Advisor: Rene Sanchez [English & Yearbook Teacher]   Room: K-301
Meeting Day & Time:  Last Friday of the month at lunch
Purpose:  The learn and share the process for the production of the school yearbook, including online publishing, editing, photography, and interviewing.  Training in the details to use the publishers online yearbook software, sharing ideas regarding advertising and fundraising.


Young Life Club
Advisor: Laura Troppmann [Student Government & Activities Director]   Room: A-21
Meeting Day & Time: Every First and Third Friday at the Lunch Break
Purpose: Talk about religious topics, play games, and laugh