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Textbook Room

Ms. Cassidy Caskey > Textbook Clerk - ICT II

Checkouts of textbooks, novels, and supplemental materials is available on a reservation basis, and at lunch. Ms. Cassidy Caskey, the Textbook ICT, handles this process, and all scheduling related to this process. 

Mr. Fraga, the school Teacher-Librarian, on occasion assists (when requested) the textbook ICT with this process, primarily during the start and end of each 9-week term under the block schedule.

Work hours: Monday to Friday  7:30-am to 4:00-pm

Textbook Storage Area Telephone: 916-971-5286

The textbook, novel, and supplemental materials storage room is located immediately adjacent to the school library. 

The library front counter area is used when class textbook check-outs and check-ins are done at the start and end of each block. Teachers must reserve a date and time for each of their classes to obtain textbooks and supplemental materials, such as workbooks and study guides.  Teachers MUST accompany their classes, and monitor their students so that a quiet and organized setting is maintained.

Teachers need to remind their students to BRING THEIR STUDENT ID CARDS to check-out textbooks and novels.  Students should have their student ID card with them at all times.

Students are responsible for damage to a textbook or novel.  Any previous damage or repairs to a textbook or novel are written on the inside of the front or back cover of the book.  Students are expected to inspect their textbook or novel when it is first issued, and to make the Textbook ICT aware of any damage that has not been previously noted.  Damage may include, but is not limited to:  torn pages, missing pages or sections, highlighting, writing on the pages, inappropriate drawings, gum or other residue that may cause pages to stick together, obvious water damage, strong smells, and mold.

All textbooks and novels MUST be returned by the end of each school year, so that an accurate inventory of the materials can be made during the summer break.  Any significantly overdue items are subject to a late fine.

Last Modified on 2023 August 30