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Book Check-Outs, Book Returns, and Fines

Book Check-outs - Book Returns - Library Fines

Important !!! :  If you have an overdue library book, and two school quarters (half of a school year) have passed, the library book may be considered PERMANENTLY LOST.  A replacement may be ordered, and the person holding the library book may be charged for the FULL COST OF THE BOOK, EVEN IF THE LIBRARY BOOK IS LATER RETURNED.

Please present your student ID card to check out books. It will make the check-out procedure go much more quickly.

Normal checkout limits are two books.  Library books are checked out for two (2) weeks, with the option of renewing the check-out for an additional two-week period.  If you are ill, you may make arrangements with a family member or friend to return any library books; however, library books checked out to your student ID remain your responsibility.

Students who establish themselves as regular and proficient readers will be able to check out additional books. Manga and Graphic Novels are very popular, so checkout of these books are limited to one book at one time.

Be sure to check the “Date Due” slip located inside of the front cover as a reminder of when it MUST be returned.

You may renew your check-out status (check out the same book for an additional two weeks). Come to the Circulation Desk for renewals.

Please allow time for check-outs.  If you wait until the last minute, you may be late for class.

You may not check out additional library books if you have unpaid fines and/or overdue books.

You may not check out a book for another student—students MUST only check out their own books.  You are responsible for any books checked out by you. 

Return books to the Library on or before the due date by returning them to the Circulation Desk located inside the main entrance of the Library.

Donated older magazines are available for casual reading.  These magazines may be taken from the library with the permission of the library staff.


Overdue Notices 

Notices will be sent out as a reminder of overdue materials by informational printout and school e-Mail. These notices are usually given to students at the end of each school quarter (about every 9-weeks).



Fines are normally not charged for overdue library books. If there is any damage to a returned book, such as torn or missing pages, a missing cover on a hardbound book, writing in the book, water damage, or other types of damage, the student may be responsible for payment of the replacement and processing costs of the book. 

–    Damaged library books:  As determined by the Library staff

–    Damaged beyond use:  Full replacement cost of book

–    Lost library books:  Full replacement cost of book

–    Barcode missing/damaged:  $5.00

–    Lost and Paid for, then Found and Returned >>  Full refund