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College Explorer
College Education Guides help job seekers and students understand the changing landscapes of online higher education programs and career trends, and their impact on careers and employment for the future:

EduMed - Medical Career Resources connects students with the best and most affordable higher education programs in the medical field. See how blended and online programs work and get key information about accreditation and financial aid from medical education experts. Take your first step toward a career in care.

Data Science - Information and Resources
Data Science is one of the fastest growing fields of study in the STEM world. Our organization is Discover Data Science (DDS) and our mission is to educate students about the growing opportunities for a career in data science. We do this by delivering accurate, high quality information presented in a simple, clean format. We believe we have assembled the most thorough listing of data science programs available. For Mesa Verde students, our Bachelor’s degree page would probably be most relevant: 

In addition to comprehensive listings of schools offering bachelor’s programs, we have resources such as:

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Resources from the Community Outreach for Affordable Colleges Online 

Guide to Online Colleges:

The Community for Accredited Online Schools:


Community for Accredited Online Schools 

Online Colleges that Accept FAFSA & Other Financial Aid Options:

Guide to Online Schools Offering Laptops:

Guide to Affordable Online Schools:

Center for School, College, and Career Resources 

Learn How To Become – Learn How To Become packs a huge amount of research in a single page on many career or educational topics. There are some basic job advice pages like their get-hired toolkit, and many guides that explain the educational paths to get credentials or experience needed to succeed in various fields. College Student Internships and Employment College students often realize that in addition to their academic success, their future employers will expect some work experience. Internships are an excellent way for students to gain valuable work experience in their field while maintaining their courses. The guide above will help students learn how to take full advantage of an internship opportunity. Navigating the College Career Fair Students looking to learn more about career fairs, the benefits they offer and how to stand out among the crowd can find all this information and more in the guide above. This guide addresses the details of the college career fair, including how to navigate it and the best way to approach company representatives.