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Public Safety

Public Safety Career Pathway

Mesa Verde students interested in the legal system and the role it serves in local communities have the unique opportunity to enroll in the Public Safety CTE Pathway. 

The Public Safety career pathway has a core emphasis investigating the role of law enforcement. However, students considering careers focused on community engagement, law, or criminal justice will benefit from being involved in the Public Safety pathway.  Such careers include:

  • Lawyer
  • Social Worker
  • Game Warden
  • Police Officer & Sheriff
  • Crime Scene Investigator 
  • Youth Correctional Counselor 
  • Customs Inspector
  • FBI Agent

Joining the Public Safety Crew

The Mesa Verde Public Safety program is more than taking a few extra classes. It is about joining a team that will support you through high school and help you grow into the person you meant to be. Students interested in the program should talk with the coordinator, Mr. Powell ( for specific information about how the classes work.

To enroll in the Public Safety program, you will need to tell your School Counselor, so they can enroll you in the appropriate classes.