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Professional Theatre

Professional Theatre Career Pathway

The Mesa Verde Professional Theatre CTE Pathway is a expansive program for students interested in acting, creative writing, set design, costume design, developing their leadership skills, or simply creating some of the best memories which you'll treasure years later. 

Many students associate theater for acting. While the program is ideal for students interested in theatrical performance, it is also designed to provide all students with skills that most companies and entrepreneurs value such as: 

  • Project planning
  • Collaborating in a team setting
  • Public speaking
  • Management/Leadership skills

Students interested in the theatre program start with Beginning Drama. If you are hooked after that, to complete the CTE program and receive special recognition at graduation, you will need to also enroll in the Writing for the Stage course, as well as the capstone course - Stage Direction. 

If you looking to join a welcoming community at Mesa Verde, have some of the most fun in your life, and feel the pride that comes with creating productions for all to enjoy - then the Professional Theatre program is where you need to be!

Joining the Theatre Troup

The Mesa Verde Theatre program is more than taking a few extra drama classes. its about joining a community that will support you through high school and beyond. If you are interested in being a part of the theatre program, talk with Mr. Sean Melby or e-mail him ( Next, tell your School Counselor that you would like to enroll in the Professional Theatre CTE pathway - they will help ensure you are enrolled in all the classes needed to complete the program and be recognized at graduation.