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Business Academy

Business Academy - A California Partnership Academy

The Mesa Verde Business Academy is a unique California Partnership Academy program focused on helping students acquire the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Whether you want to open up your own store, have a successful YouTube channel, or run your own consulting firm - being your own boss requires unique skills. In the MV Business Academy, students will not just learn such needed skills, but be put in charge of projects where they will need to run their own business and manage a team. 

Curriculum in the Business Academy focuses on concepts such as personal finance, team building leadership, post-secondary goals, and business ethics. In addition, Business Academy students will gain exposure to marketing, finance, production, public relations, and human resources skills. 

With a strong foundation, in a student's 12th grade year they are placed in a semester long internship in the local community, where they will use what they have learned to contribue to the business partner.  


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Joining the Business Academy Family

The Business Academy program is more than taking a few extra business-focused classes. Students in the Business Academy program are enrolled in a "school within a school." In addition to a business class each year, Business Academy students are enrolled together in business-themed English and History classes. Because Business Academy students share 4 classes a year with each other, they are able to collaborate better business projects and support each other through the typical challenges of high school.